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Agenda: Overview of SAP Activate Methodology for Central Finance (Recently released).

    • Introduce CFIN Activate Roadmap
    • Provide overview on how Customers can take advantage of this innovation to jumpstart their CFIN Implementations
    • Demo in Roadmap viewer to walkthrough
    • Highlight key items per phase. 35/40 Minutes content presentation
    • 15 minutes Q&A


Want to learn more about the SAP Central Finance Influence Council and be notified about this meeting and other opportunities? Be sure to follow the SAP Central Finance Influence Council page by clicking here then clicking follow at the top of the page.

The objective of this ASUG Influence Council is to identify, prioritize, and amplify ASUG member feedback?to drive enhancements and shape the future development of SAP S/4HANA Central Finance. It’s open to all customers and partners and meets quarterly on the second Monday at 10 a.m. CT. Members interested in joining this Influence Council should email influence@asug.com to get started.